Lonely Buses in the Lone Star Capital

AUSTIN, TX – It’s 7:29 a.m. and the Route 19 Metrobus is five minutes late. “Just in time,” Capital Metro bus driver John Evans says to a passenger who sprinted to board the bus. When the doors rotate closed, overcast light from the morning sunrise competes with the dim fluorescent bulbs inside the bus. The morning […]

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Rural Population Loss in Wisconsin

Back in July a reporter, Mario Koran, and myself wandered around northern and central Wisconsin working on a story about why young people are leaving small towns in Wisconsin. Today, after months of fine-tuning all elements of the story, I’m proud to say it is published. The concept of rural population loss is something that […]

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Photojournalism Has Nine Lives

Photojournalism was declared dead in 1972 — people also decided it was dead in 1982, 1989, 1996, 1999, 2009 and again, most recently, in 2010. I found these proclamations while researching for a paper in my History of Mass Media class on the rise of USA Today and how it impacted newspaper layout and content in […]

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Hipstamatic and Photojournalism

Concentrating in class has been hard today. My mind is in a tizzy trying to sort out the arguments for and against the POYi’s (Pictures of the Year International) award to Damon Winters for his feature story on soldier life in Afghanistan…which was shot with an iPhone and Hipstamatic app. Obviously this created an uproar […]

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The Future of Documentary Photography

This past Wednesday a panel of analysts involved in different aspects of photojournalism and documentary photography gathered in New York to discuss the future of documentary photography. Finally Photoshelter put up the video of the discussion so I could watch it (albeit, a lengthy discussion). Basically I took away two huge things from the panelists’ […]

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