Ah yes, the infamous “sportrait.” The sportrait is the yearly photo dance at newspapers across the country, where one tries to marry the artistic aspects of portraits and high school athletes with their particular sport. Thus, “sportraits.”

This year was my first real foray into sportraits. I did some during my internship at the Janesville Gazette, but those are far too embarrassing to share here (to give you an idea of how bad, I didn’t have off-camera lights to use…it was tragic).

My colleague, the tremendous Evan Seigle, and I basically split the eight different athlete portraits and tried to get as creative as possible. Unluckily for me, Evan is really, really good at these. But I tried to hold my own.

Here are the different ones that I shot:

My favorite by far was the soccer shot. And yes, I did make him do that bicycle kick about 40 times.

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