Lingerie football is weird

As a photojournalist, there are always going to be assignments that are uncomfortable. Taking a photo of someone is often a very intimate interaction, and there are plenty of times where either person is self-conscious of the situation.

Saying that, shooting Green Bay’s lingerie football team (known as the “Green Bay Chill”) was likely the most uncomfortable I have ever felt covering an event. Well, maybe uncomfortable doesn’t really convey how I felt…awkward definitely does. Creepy fits in there too. It was all very weird.

The Green Bay Chill had their media day yesterday. The phrase “media day” carries with it connotations of a certain type of fanfare. The Chill’s media day had none of that. When I arrived, there were a group of five scantily clad girls standing in a circle, looking depressed, or at the very least bothered with having to be there. I mean, I would be too if I had to stand there in that uniform while people took photos and video of me.

I probably stood there for a few minutes thinking to myself, “So…do I just take photos of them? Looking like that? Is that what people want? I don’t want that. This is weird.”

I joked with one of our news editors on site that I felt like a voyeur. She assured me that ya, this is real weird.

But the hits! Oh the hits we’ll get! Which is literally the only reason this entire lingerie football media day exists—for one day we get to be the Buzzfeed of newspapers. And that bothers me, but newspapers are a business, not a charity they say.


I wish there could just be women’s football without the need to wear lingerie to get people in the seats. I think that would be a more comfortable situation for everyone involved.

I do enjoy the irony of this final photo though.

2 thoughts on “Lingerie football is weird

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