Rhythm & Booms: Aftermath

With a title that has Rhythm & Booms in it, I guess I should just say now that I’m not going to have any fireworks photos in this post. Sorry to disappoint. So what did I take photos of at Rhythm & Booms then? Pretty much everything after the fireworks (well, afterwards for the most […]

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Semester in Reflection

Perhaps it is all of the wonderfully sentimental Twitter and Facebook updates from UW grads and the tear-inducing farewell columns in the Herald, but I’m in a mood of reflection. This past semester was pretty great: Trip to the Rose Bowl. Packers win the Super Bowl. Campus snowball fight. Protests that go on forever. Miami. […]

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Hipstamatic and Photojournalism

Concentrating in class has been hard today. My mind is in a tizzy trying to sort out the arguments for and against the POYi’s (Pictures of the Year International) award to Damon Winters for his feature story on soldier life in Afghanistan…which was shot with an iPhone and Hipstamatic app. Obviously this created an uproar […]

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Battle for Bascom

For the second time in two years, UW-Madison cancelled classes for a snow day. And for the second year in a row, thousands of UW students trudged up Bascom Hill carrying food trays full of snow, flags, sling-shots, hockey masks and wearing any sort of protective gear they can get their hands on. It’s the […]

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The Future of Documentary Photography

This past Wednesday a panel of analysts involved in different aspects of photojournalism and documentary photography gathered in New York to discuss the future of documentary photography. Finally Photoshelter put up the video of the discussion so I could watch it (albeit, a lengthy discussion). Basically I took away two huge things from the panelists’ […]

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Mayor Dave Photo Essay

After months of waiting and failed attempts at contacting the right people, I finally got to sit down with Mayor Dave Cieslewicz’s campaign manager, Jamie Gutkowski, to discuss photographing his re-election campaign. I haven’t decided whether or not to post photo updates as I shoot the campaign or to just publish it all at once […]

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