Mayor Dave Photo Essay

After months of waiting and failed attempts at contacting the right people, I finally got to sit down with Mayor Dave Cieslewicz’s campaign manager, Jamie Gutkowski, to discuss photographing his re-election campaign.

I haven’t decided whether or not to post photo updates as I shoot the campaign or to just publish it all at once as a nice packaged piece, but either way I’ll update on my progress in some way or another. (I took this shot a took a few weeks ago, presuming that I would get the “okay” to begin shooting the documentary.)

I probably sound really lame considering I’m extraordinarily excited about photographing volunteers in call centers, following the Mayor on door-to-door adventures and lurking behind-the-scenes in his office, but that’s okay. I’ve never been a part of a campaign and I always find campaign documentaries to be very telling of an individual. (This photo essay being my inspiration.)

Primary election night is in February so check back here for updates!

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