Just a city boy

I went out on Monona Bay the other day to take pictures of ice fisherman. The photos are part of a photo essay I’m working on for Madison Magazine, to be published sometime during the summer.

I’ve decided that Wisconsin fisherman are probably the nicest people on the planet. Each guy I approached not only had no problem with me taking photos of them (something that is actually pretty rare in my experience) but they also all offered me either food, shelter or warmth. Two guys even let me sit in their tent for a while to talk to me about my “nifty” camera. Maybe some of  it was because I looked like a foolish city boy out there on the ice wearing a peacoat, scarf and tennis shoes, but still…much more hospitable than I expected considering I was interrupting their peaceful fishing.

One thing bothered me though: why was everyone wearing camouflage on the ice? Makes no sense.

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