Polar Vortex Hits Chicago

Who doesn’t like long walks on the beach, even if it is -22 (-51 windchill)? Walking around in this type of weather for an extended amount of time feels like you’re inhabiting another planet. The only sounds to be heard are the constant whirring wind gusts and glassy ice crunching and grinding under foot. The […]

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Best of 2015

Ya so I’m way late on this, but thought I would organize a post anyways with some of my favorite pictures from 2015 in one place (click on the tiles to view them larger).    

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A New Years Resolution

In high school, I used to have a blog — and a pretty awful one at that. However, after shutting it down before going to college, I’ve found myself wanting to share my images, thoughts and musings with others. Or at least, with myself. I love journaling, but it’s just more fun when other people […]

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