A New Years Resolution

In high school, I used to have a blog — and a pretty awful one at that. However, after shutting it down before going to college, I’ve found myself wanting to share my images, thoughts and musings with others. Or at least, with myself. I love journaling, but it’s just more fun when other people can comment on it.

So this year I thought I’d do something new, something different. I’ve created this blog to serve as a way to publish my photos and the thoughts I have with them. Besides my own work, this blog will also include work of photographers who I admire or stories somehow relating to photojournalism and media (in other words, people trying persuade others that photojournalism is dead/not dead).

You should bookmark this blog if you are the following: related to me, a friend of mine, a fellow photographer, someone who is interested in photography or future employers who wish to hire me. Also, feel free to follow me on Twitter, Flickr and my fan page on Facebook.

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