With Mouths Wide Open: Brat Fest 2014 Edition

I am from Wisconsin, therefore I like brats. And a festival dedicated to brats is exactly where I want to be on a beautiful Memorial Day weekend. Besides being an excellent place to gorge on cooked meat, Brat Fest is also a prime people watching experience (although Corn Fest in Sun Prairie is still #1 […]

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Witnessing History

Today began simply enough; as I write this at 1:30Am, I strongly believe I witnessed something historical today. Not only for Wisconsin, but historical for politics around the United States. I am of course talking about the protests outside the State Capitol building in Madison, where exponentially larger crowds have descended on Capitol Square over […]

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Rockin’ the Overture

Last night was my first Ben Folds concert. Unfortunately I was only allowed to photograph during the first three songs of the night before all the photographers were awkwardly ushered away by security. Luckily though, the gods of the Overture Center were on my side and provided photo credentials AND a ticket for the rest […]

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