Rockin’ the Overture

Last night was my first Ben Folds concert. Unfortunately I was only allowed to photograph during the first three songs of the night before all the photographers were awkwardly ushered away by security. Luckily though, the gods of the Overture Center were on my side and provided photo credentials AND a ticket for the rest of the show! (Generally I have to leave the entire concert after the first three songs is done because I don’t have a ticket.)


Most entertaining part of the evening had to be the crowd a capella he composed. Folds is using the crowd as an instrument on his Lonely Avenue tour (can’t wait to see the final product) and it was really fun to sing along with the rest of the audience as we tried to nail various phrases and staccato notes in unison. Check out the other cities whose a capella sections are already up. And since there’s no point in me writing my own review of the concert, read the Ben Folds concert review here.

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