Morocco Revisited

For a second time I was fortunate to work with Rustic Pathways’ Advanced Photo Workshop in Morocco, this time teaching a group of 32 high school students from Hong Kong International School. It was also great reuniting with my Moroccan friends from last summer to lead the trip and get the opportunity to work and teach […]

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Some Pictures I Like

So it’s been a while. After the first snowfall, Wisconsin in the the middle of winter isn’t the most photogenic. When the snow melts or is basically gone, only the bare brown frozen grass remains to color the landscape. That sounds way too depressing. I think I’ve spent too much time in the -20 degree […]

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Winter has arrived

Finally it snowed. Most days I don’t relish in the opportunity to be up at 7am trudging through the cold snow, but today, I loved every minute. If it weren’t for two other assignments I had today, I would have spent more time outside before clouds moved in and covered that beautiful blue sky.   […]

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The Squirrel Lady

Squirrels make terrible pets. At least, that’s what Terri Gay says. Terri is a volunteer with the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, where her main duties are helping rehab young orphaned squirrels. She also works with possums, raccoons, coyotes and, once, a cougar. I photographed Terri in her home in Suamico, a town just north of Green Bay. It […]

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