A Watery Dry Creek

Rollingwood Police Officer Josh Odom stands on the edge of Dry Creek on a dreary rain-soaked afternoon.

“This weather sucks,” Odom, 25, mumbles.

The spray from passing vehicle tires adds to the steady stream of water flowing into the creek. The quiet whoosh of water begins to run through the storm drains flowing north beneath Bee Caves Road.

“It doesn’t take much for this thing to get going,” Odom says, pointing at the silver tubes spewing rainwater into the creek.

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“Dueling Divas”

Did a little photoshoot today for Our Lives Magazine at the surprisingly photogenic Ford’s Gym on Winnebago Street in Madison. Why is this woman wearing a gown and boxing gloves? Good question. The photo is for an upcoming production called “Dueling Divas” and my editor and I thought it might be a cool play on […]

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