Hunting the Weather

When bad weather hits and news is slow, every photographer knows what comes next: the weather feature photo.

For the most part I actually like doing these, because shooting the weather is a nice break from regular newspaper assignments. Plus, weather photos give photographers the best opportunity to show off their creativity.

Yesterday morning, however, just wasn’t going too well. I was sent out to hunt down a good weather feature photo but by the time I’d left the office, the rain had let up and just about everyone was inside either working or in school — there wasn’t a colorful umbrella or a big reflective puddle anywhere in sight. Instead, I found ducks. Specifically, ducks playing in small puddles. Yawn. Boring. Boo.

But that’s all I had, so I came back to the office to sulk and eat my lunch.

I had an assignment at 2:30 that would take about 40 minutes to drive to (anyone heard of Sharon, WI? Me neither until yesterday…) and I thought I’d leave a little early to see if I could find something on the way there.

And I did.

Fog is the best. I went from being incredibly frustrated and angry at myself for only finding ducks, to overjoyed in a matter of seconds.

The one that ran on the front page wasn’t my favorite, but here’s how it looked:

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