Thanks Life

Sometimes life gives you lemons; othertimes, life gives you an adorable blonde little girl with a strawberry t-shirt, strawberry hairclip, and strawberry-striped shorts…picking strawberries on the most beautiful Wisconsin day.

Life gave me that today.

Thanks life.

Leading up to this assignment I’d had a long day. Got to the office at 8:30am and spent 3 hours at “Tech Knowledge College” sponsored by Blackhawk Technical College where kids were taught various things like robotics, health, zip-lining and other totally random things. Anyways, the kids weren’t that enthused and I wasn’t allowed to zip-line with them because I didn’t sign an insurance waiver. Sigh. Anyways, the photo I got was…ok, but, it took me so long to work for that photo and I was disappointed.

Next assignment on the list? Random orchard out in Elkhorn, WI. I thought to myself, “It could either be great or terrible.” Thankfully, it was awesome. Not only were the barns perfectly weathered yet bright fire-engine red, but the daughter of the orchard owners decided to tag along. Marvelous.

Oh, and she kept doing funny things like stuffing her face with strawberries and then getting strawberry juice everywhere. And then, she ran off through field toward a wide-open sky. She’s a natural.

Also, couldn’t get enough of that barn…

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