Poop Welding

So far on my list of “Things That Will Always Make Good In A Photo” I have:

  • cute animals
  • cute kids
  • silhouettes
  • ugly men in underwear
  • Silly String
  • Bubbles
  • Reflections
  • Fog
And now I will be adding welding.
People welding is pretty great. You’ve got grittiness, lots of shadows and contrast, and of course, cool orangish glowing sparks. It’s an all around win.
So when I got sent on a mystery assignment (meaning I had to find something cool to take a photo of there) to the water treatment plant on the south side of Janesville, I was pretty pumped to find a guy welding. Specifically though, he was burning holes in steel to lift an old container off a giant septic tank at the treatment plant. Eww. The smell was awful and this guy was just crawling around on the steel beams that had old poop sludge hanging all over it. What really put it over the top was he wasn’t even wearing gloves.

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