Pet Your Thanksgiving Meal

I find it fitting that my last assignment on my last day at the Gazette was to take photos on a turkey farm. Considering I got to spend a lot of time on farms photographing all sorts of things during my six month internship, ending on a farm just felt right.

The reason I was on the turkey farm is perhaps obvious: Thanksgiving is mere weeks away. The story was more specifically about how the turkey farm was completely organic. The farmer, Ann, made it a point to mention multiple times that a chemical hasn’t been used on her farm in 30 years.

Ann was more or less the reason for why this assignment was actually really fun. I love being around people who are passionate about really specific things…like turkeys. She adores them. She talks to them in a baby voice. She knows them all by name. She pets them and tells them how delicious they are going to be. Oh, and she feeds them their favorite treat: broccoli.

Even more than the turkeys themselves being hormone-free, they are also fed completely organic food. In other words, Ann’s turkeys eat better food than I do (which makes them sound all the more delicious). She’s selling them for $75 which includes processing and shipping, and I was actually pretty tempted to buy one.

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