Red Pandas at the Vilas Zoo

A small dream of mine came true today: see a red panda in person. Except, I got to do even more than that — I got to be up close and personal with the two red pandas at the Henry Vilas Zoo as they chomped away on bamboo and bits of banana.

I love my job.

Although, I don’t know what is worse, trying to photograph babies or live animals. They are both uncooperative 99% of the time and photogenic moments are incredibly fleeting. Despite the difficulty of trying to get a good shot of these adorable creatures, I couldn’t stay mad at them very long. I mean, look at them…they are like living, breathing stuffed animals.



4 thoughts on “Red Pandas at the Vilas Zoo

  1. Hello! I always see that top picture of the red panda (the smiley little fella!) floating around the internet, were you the one that took the photo? I’ve been curious for a really long time, because I’ve seen it on the HVZ page before!

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the comment! I am, in fact, the photographer behind the photo. I had no idea it was that popular around the internet…what other sites has it appeared on?


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