State of the State Address

To the surprise of no one, Scott Walker’s State of the State address tonight was contentious and high strung. Through “Recall Walker” and “Shame” chants echoing outside the chamber doors, Walker delivered his speech to a starkly divided legislature. A handful of protestors also made their way into the public viewing gallery and briefly interrupted his speech before being carried away by Capitol police.

In other words, as far as a State of the State address goes, this one was pretty interesting to cover. When I covered Doyle’s last speech 2 years ago, I’m pretty sure I left early since I had enough speaking shots to bore any viewer to sleep.


I think I can speak for every photographer who has ever worked in the Capitol and say that I hate the lighting. Photographers should just get together and install lights that can at least be color balanced, instead of these weird yellow-green orbs that hang from the ceiling and walls.


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