Cover for Grow Magazine

Back in October I posted about a wonderful, fog-filled photoshoot for Grow Magazine, with the promise of sharing the photos from the actual shoot when the magazine hit the shelves. Well, that day has finally come.

What is more exciting though is the editor decided to run my photo on the cover, since the shoot went so well. Nice.


The story in the magazine revolves around Rebecca Claypool, a UW-Madison grad who received a loan to purchase her own sustainable farm. The loan came from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) at UW, which recently created a program that targets female farmers interested in sustainable farming and committed to help meet the growing demand for food.

Claypool’s farm is beautiful…and when bathed in gorgeous morning sunshine and fall colors it becomes breathtaking. There were moments when I would pull my eye from the camera and just absorb my surroundings before continuing the shoot. If only all photoshoots that I wake up at 4:30am could be like this one…
Here are some of the other photos I took that day:

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