Mifflin Street Block Party 2012

The Mifflin Street Block Party is a constant loop of Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe” and Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” belted out from speakers accompanied by drunk college students. A walk down the street means dodging horse poop, vomit, mud and urine—sometimes all mixed together. It also means a perpetual response of “No. That’s not what I’m looking for…” as person after person pleads for a photo of themselves, their friend, their friend’s dog or that guy over there.

But Mifflin is also what I consider a “photo Christmas.” I get to wander around for hours taking photos of people having fun and doing silly or stupid things…it’s the street photographer’s dream.

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This year was the fourth Mifflin I’ve photographed. Many of the City’s changes appeared to have worked—either that or the students chose to behave themselves for the most part this year. Considering the top headline of the party so far is that Badger running back Montee Ball was arrested, I’d say the party was a success. At least, as much as an all-day, drink-til-you-drop party can be successful.

Favorite photo of the day is probably this one:

Although, it doesn’t really compare to my favorite from last year…

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