Bill Clinton, Pumpkins and Severed Heads

Sort of hit that weird lull the last few weeks where I’m not really liking anything I’ve shot lately, just kind of grinding away. For the sake of not getting complacent in my work, here’s some of my photos over the last few weeks.










Sort of an interesting question I’ve been dwelling on since I started working at the Press-Gazette is, “So now what?”

The past 6 years or so it has been my dream to be a professional photojournalist. And now I am. Once you achieve a life dream it’s sort of weird to tell your brain, “OK, now keep going, keep pushing. What do you want to accomplish next?” I’ve almost decided that accomplishments aren’t really what I should be striving for now, if only because they seem somewhat abstract in my position. Instead of accomplishments I’ve shifted my daily mindset to simply doing good work that I’m proud of—which is turning out to be extremely difficult. I hold my images to high standards and when I go to photograph a building or construction or business portraits those standards are pretty hard to reach, no matter how long I stay at the assignment and brainstorm.

I’ll be working on one of my story projects this weekend, so I’m hoping to get some great stuff out of that to get me out of my creative funk.

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