Round Rock Color Run

Today I did that which I despise: I took photos of a color run. Ugh. I know. The event is ubiquitous. The photos equally so. There’s nothing in this blog post that hasn’t been done or seen a million times. For those of you who don’t know, the Color Run is a where people pay $45 […]

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Madison Glow Run

Since I’m in-between jobs and grad school right now, I don’t get to shoot as much as usual. In some ways that’s nice. But today I felt like I needed to take my cameras for a walk and when I found out that a “glow run” was happening I thought it would be a great […]

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Photojournalism Has Nine Lives

Photojournalism was declared dead in 1972 — people also decided it was dead in 1982, 1989, 1996, 1999, 2009 and again, most recently, in 2010. I found these proclamations while researching for a paper in my History of Mass Media class on the rise of USA Today and how it impacted newspaper layout and content in […]

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Fake Candles and Politics

Candle-light vigils, no matter what they’re for, will pretty much always lead to a nice picture. So when I heard about the rally at the Capitol (yes, again) and the candle-light vigil, I thought I’d check it out, especially since I haven’t used my camera in what feels like ages (I think it’s been a […]

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Hipstamatic and Photojournalism

Concentrating in class has been hard today. My mind is in a tizzy trying to sort out the arguments for and against the POYi’s (Pictures of the Year International) award to Damon Winters for his feature story on soldier life in Afghanistan…which was shot with an iPhone and Hipstamatic app. Obviously this created an uproar […]

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The Future of Documentary Photography

This past Wednesday a panel of analysts involved in different aspects of photojournalism and documentary photography gathered in New York to discuss the future of documentary photography. Finally Photoshelter put up the video of the discussion so I could watch it (albeit, a lengthy discussion). Basically I took away two huge things from the panelists’ […]

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From Madison to LA

As many of my Twitter followers already know, I took a daring (read: stupid) trans-national trip via Greyhound bus from Madison to LA for the Rose Bowl game. Since being back I’ve been bombarded by a number of people asking, “how’d it go?” To save myself some time, I’ve decided to construct a comprehensive recap […]

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