Best of WIAA Girls State Basketball

This week was a marathon of covering the WIAA Girls State Basketball Tournament at the Resch Center in Green Bay, including four games back-to-back on Saturday. At that point, the games, names and photos all start blending together. Which is why I decided to compile my favorite shots from the tournament into one spot.

Since there were two photographers covering each game, I got to roam around a little more than I usually would and focus less on purely “action” photos. The best (and most tiring) part was getting access to the catwalk. The access made for some cool angles that helped break up some of the monotony between games—I am still a little sore from crawling up and down the catwalk and leaning precariously over the railing, but I think the photos were worth it.






For now, sports action photos are still not my strongest suit, but I feel like I’m getting better when I do events like this that call for coverage of multiple games in a day. It was also fun to capture all the different reactions after the game—from pure ecstasy, to heartbreak. (I apologize to all the other photographers who had their reaction shots ruined because I ran onto the court to get as close as possible to the players.)







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