Firework photos look easy. All you have is sparks of light over a black background, it’s almost pedestrian.

Well, it’s a little more complicated than that, but not much. Not to say you can’t get a decent firework photo with an iPhone or less, but to really come up with a fantastic firework photo, you’ve gotta plan and get a little lucky. And have a tripod, I cannot stress that enough.

I say this like I took a fantastic firework photo last night—I did not. But I did try.

Thanks to some last minute maneuvering, I was able to get up on the tallest building in downtown Green Bay to shoot the fireworks as they exploded over the city. The view was great, although I had some obstacles to work around, the biggest being a giant and extremely bright bank across the street that was ridiculously distracting. 

Also, I was tasked with shooting video at the same time. And my deadline was 10:30 to get the photos in, fireworks ended at 10:20. Eek.

Could I have just cranked my ISO, shot at f/2.8 and handheld my camera? Ya, but I wanted crisp fireworks, no noise and starry downtown lights, and I guess I wanted to make things more difficult than they had to be. Hopefully the readers appreciated the effort. Here’s how the front page looked and a few more shots from the rest of the 4th celebrations.

If you’re feeling extra patriotic, here’s the video I shot…the music will inspire you to tears (it won’t).

One thought on “Fireworking

  1. I appreciate the extra effort you put into your work. You are always learning and sharing what you learn.

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