July/August in Photos


The NFL season is (thankfully) ramping up and every news story in Green Bay is loosely related to the Packers.  In an effort to cut down on Packers overload, I’ve only included a few of my favorites from the incredibly mundane training camp practice and offensively challenged preseason game. (Now that I’ve put the photos in, I realize that it’s still a lot of Packers stuff. Oh well. I tried.)

Besides the Packers it’s been summer, and hot. I’ve also been challenging myself to abstain from using my 14-24mm lens. I think I’ve been guilty all too often of depending on the extreme wide angle instead of working for better composition. Especially now that I have a shiny new 35mm 1.4, I don’t have an excuse not to work on my composition.

Enough talking. Here’s some of my favorites from the past few weeks.









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