Ghana Week 5

Finishing up my fifth week here and about to embark on my third and final trip with students.

It wasn’t until a couple days ago where I felt like I blended in walking around the streets. Being at the front of a dozen loud kids is an easy way to stand out in Ghana, but while in Cape Coast I had a bit of time to wander off on my own. I found it very refreshing to walk by myself in the streets and not have eyes following me or hands grab my wrist or people yell after me—it was just me and my camera and a bunch of fun things to photograph.

Working on identical trips back-to-back has it’s advantages for photos. When I visit a spot and feel like I missed a shot, I just make a mental note to be more patient the next time or stand in a different place. For instance coming back to the waterfalls I knew I wanted to get a closer shot than the one I had last time. Luckily a local was taking a quick shower under the water and was still enough for a long exposure.

I was also obsessed with the uniform the safari guide wore last time but could never get a good shot. Knowing we were going to walk through an old lake bed on the next trip, I put a little distance between the guide and the group to grab this shot (which looks way more dangerous than reality).

I’ve also made a bit of an effort to test my landscape/wildlife photographer skills. When crocodiles, elephants, antelope and beautiful birds are everywhere, it’s kind of hard to avoid getting a few shots. Those type of photos are generally not up my alley but I’ve gotten a few that I like.

And here’s the rest that don’t really have anything to do with anything.

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