Touring the Tourism of Tourists

A woman in high wedges, short skirt and crop top carefully traipses over rocky terrain outside the Theatre of Dionysus in Athens, Greece. The mild 8 a.m. temperatures keep her hair and makeup impeccably in tact despite the vigorous climb. When she reaches the railing overlooking the theatre and raises her selfie-stick high above her head, it’s clear she’s executed a […]

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Austin Eats

Some recent work from a few different food shoots I’ve done in the past few weeks, including a cover for Austin 360. I hope you’re not looking at this while hungry.

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Minimalist Roots

My awareness of symmetry has been with me since I was a kid. I would walk sidewalks trying to hit the space between the cracks evenly with each step and count how many steps it took to get to the next block. My favorite spot to shoot a basketball was from the top of the key, […]

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A Pre-Teen’s Ball

In the grand ballroom of the Austin Country Club a crowd of pre-teen boys and girls lightly hold each other’s shoulders and waists and move to the classic music of the waltz. The dancers’ lanky limbs maintain a safe distance from the opposite sex while everyone tries not to step on any toes. Girls are […]

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SXSW 2015 in Photos

South by Southwest is over and done. The crowds are gone. The traffic is better. My sleep pattern is coming back. And my lower back is destroyed. It’s hard to recap a week where Miley Cyrus sprayed me with champagne through a squirt gun and Big Sean tripped over me while trying to get off […]

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So these photos have nothing to do with each other, except that I had a photo pipe dream that the Boy Scouts parade would somehow wander over to the Undie Run and I’d get a great reaction shot. It never happened, so now I’m just mashing the photos together. It was a good day for some […]

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Sight Unseen

Though I’ve produced quite a few videos over the years, I feel like I’m still new to the medium. Before my advanced video class this fall, I had always approached video as just an extension of my stills—which is probably why I always hated my videos. I decided during the class to get rid of […]

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