Beer Mile World Championships 2014

What do you get when you mix chugging beer and running? Puking. Lots of puking. Tagged along with the King of Weird Sports, Sol Neelman, to shoot the Beer Mile World Championships. Runners started the race by chugging a beer, then had to chug another beer every 400 meters. The winning time for the men’s […]

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Austin’s Paranormal Investigators

Everything within me wants to start this post with a Ghostbusters reference, but I’ll refrain. The other night I followed around a team of paranormal investigators as they crept around a downtown nightclub that the owner suspects is “haunted.” They brought energy rocks. And a knife. And a spray bottle of holy water. There was also […]

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A Watery Dry Creek

Rollingwood Police Officer Josh Odom stands on the edge of Dry Creek on a dreary rain-soaked afternoon.

“This weather sucks,” Odom, 25, mumbles.

The spray from passing vehicle tires adds to the steady stream of water flowing into the creek. The quiet whoosh of water begins to run through the storm drains flowing north beneath Bee Caves Road.

“It doesn’t take much for this thing to get going,” Odom says, pointing at the silver tubes spewing rainwater into the creek.

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Deep-Fried in the Heart of Texas

At the Texas State Fair it is probably more surprising you can pet a zebra than eat one, deep-fried and covered with bacon on a stick.

The fair is everyone’s chance to live in mythological America. Everything is comically large because things are supposed to be comically large. The skies are almost too blue; the best-in-show sheep too white. Even the rabbits are gluttonous but still adorable.

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Round Rock Color Run

Today I did that which I despise: I took photos of a color run. Ugh. I know. The event is ubiquitous. The photos equally so. There’s nothing in this blog post that hasn’t been done or seen a million times. For those of you who don’t know, the Color Run is a where people pay $45 […]

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So. Sports. Haven’t done that in a while. I was a little rusty for the game but thankfully didn’t miss any big moments. Honestly the hardest part was sitting on the sideline while Wisconsin completely and utterly choked on a national stage (again). What made it worse was sitting there while LSU fans danced to their weird […]

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Final Day

Today is my last day in Ghana. As we shuttled the last group of students out of the Accra airport last night I tried to think about what I would write here. I wanted to write something smart and profound. Ideally I would be able to sum up just under two months of experiences in […]

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Ghana Week 5

Finishing up my fifth week here and about to embark on my third and final trip with students. It wasn’t until a couple days ago where I felt like I blended in walking around the streets. Being at the front of a dozen loud kids is an easy way to stand out in Ghana, but while in […]

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