Photos of the Year 2013

It just doesn’t feel like the end of December until every media outlet has put out their lists of important things that transpired in the last year. I suppose I’m adding to the noise. This year I took roughly 40,000 photos (that’s how many I imported at least). Compared to most professional photojournalists, I shoot […]

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Packers vs. Washington

What started as a miserably soggy day turned out to be a pretty solid game, both in terms of the Packers winning and me getting photos that I like (I don’t know which one is more important, but for the sake of my job, probably the latter). A good number of plays came my way […]

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The Squirrel Lady

Squirrels make terrible pets. At least, that’s what Terri Gay says. Terri is a volunteer with the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, where her main duties are helping rehab young orphaned squirrels. She also works with possums, raccoons, coyotes and, once, a cougar. I photographed Terri in her home in Suamico, a town just north of Green Bay. It […]

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Week One Wrap-Up

It all began with a house fire.     I thought my first day at the Green Bay Press Gazette would be full of paperwork and note-taking, but instead, on my way home for lunch, I photographed a house fire. I more or less stumbled across the fire after I saw a firetruck speeding down […]

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