Week One Wrap-Up

It all began with a house fire.



I thought my first day at the Green Bay Press Gazette would be full of paperwork and note-taking, but instead, on my way home for lunch, I photographed a house fire. I more or less stumbled across the fire after I saw a firetruck speeding down the road in the ongoing lane. I pulled a quick U-turn and decided to follow it, where it led me straight to the fire.

I’ve tried following emergency vehicles on numerous occasions with the naive thought they would lead me to some awesome spot news event. So when the firetruck actually led me to the fire I was pretty surprised.

Besides the somewhat sexy beginnings at the Press Gazette, I’m still trying to get settled into my new surroundings and get used to the different workflow (the biggest change being the switch from using Canon gear to Nikon). Lucky for me, everyone in the newsroom as well as the Green Bay residents themselves have been very welcoming.

I still get lost just about every time I got out for an assignment. Also, I keep mispronouncing city names around Green Bay—like Shawano (Shaw-no), Allouez (Allo-way) and Chequamegon (Sheck-wa-me-gon…I think).

Anyways, here’s a collection of photos from my first week at work:



The best thing about being back at a daily newspaper is the constant variety that’s thrown at me—one minute I’m covering a football game, the next I’m touring a marijuana growing operation in the middle of the Northwoods of Wisconsin. And today I photographed a guy who’s been painting his fence with Packer slogans for the last ten years. Even if he is kind of a media whore (as my editor referred to him), it was still fun to shoot the assignment.







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