Packers vs. Falcons

Growing up, the thought of just attending a snowy game at Lambeau would have been a dream come true. Even though my awe of walking into Lambeau Field has dissipated since I’m there multiple times a week, I still took some time to mentally absorb my surroundings while snow flurries whipped around the stadium. It […]

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Packers vs. Washington

What started as a miserably soggy day turned out to be a pretty solid game, both in terms of the Packers winning and me getting photos that I like (I don’t know which one is more important, but for the sake of my job, probably the latter). A good number of plays came my way […]

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Packers NFL Draft 2013

When I was assigned the NFL draft party at Lambeau, I got excited to get creative. Sometimes events where there are lots of people pumped about one particular thing can lead to some nice candid moments. But, as is often common, what I imagined the NFL draft party to be and what it was were […]

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Donald Driver Retires

Sportswriters commonly say that no professional sports team means more to their fans than the Green Bay Packers. Today, while covering Donald Driver’s retirement ceremony at Lambeau Field, I was struck by the emotion from Driver, his coaches, teammates and, most of all, his fans. Over a thousand fans waited over an hour in sub-zero […]

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Packers vs. Cardinals

Today I was essentially the “Rodgers Cam” for the Press-Gazette, responsible for getting reaction shots that our other photographers covering the regular action aren’t able to get. Unless the Packers have a comfortable lead, Rodgers is a pretty stoic guy who doesn’t do a lot of celebrating. That made my job a little bit more […]

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Packers vs. Saints

One of the first things college quarterbacks always say about the NFL is how much faster the game is compared to college.¬†Well, it’s also that much faster for the photographers. And it’s something I’m still getting used to on the sidelines. Growing up looking at the photos in Sports Illustrated, I sort of got used […]

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Week One Wrap-Up

It all began with a house fire.     I thought my first day at the Green Bay Press Gazette would be full of paperwork and note-taking, but instead, on my way home for lunch, I photographed a house fire. I more or less stumbled across the fire after I saw a firetruck speeding down […]

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