Packers vs. Saints

One of the first things college quarterbacks always say about the NFL is how much faster the game is compared to college. Well, it’s also that much faster for the photographers. And it’s something I’m still getting used to on the sidelines.

Growing up looking at the photos in Sports Illustrated, I sort of got used to the great images that were constantly produced by photographers around the country. Unfortunately, they made it look way too easy. In reality shooting an NFL game is a juggling match between being in the right spot, timing the moment correctly and dodging referees as they run in and out of the frame (there are also the ball boys, the chain gang, random men in suits and sound crews who also make life difficult).

Here are some of my photos from the game, none of which belong anywhere near the pages of Sports Illustrated. I would also highly suggest looking at my colleagues’ photos on the Press Gazette’s website here. They are both old pros and much better at this than I. 

Shooting NFL games is also a great way to stay humble—many of the photojournalists at Lambeau on Sunday have been doing their job longer than I have been alive. I have so much to learn from them and my individual experiences as I continue my career. Looking forward to shooting more of the Packers this season. Although I am a little worried about how cold it is going to be in December and January…

4 thoughts on “Packers vs. Saints

  1. And yet, I knew him when he was just a high schooler at local basketball games…and we called him “Keapproth”

    Nice shots Lukas, I really enjoy the shot of Cedric Benson and two below him with Rodgers.

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