Packers vs. Falcons

Growing up, the thought of just attending a snowy game at Lambeau would have been a dream come true. Even though my awe of walking into Lambeau Field has dissipated since I’m there multiple times a week, I still took some time to mentally absorb my surroundings while snow flurries whipped around the stadium. It was pretty cool.


As for the game, the action was pretty limited. I usually find my gaze wandering to the fans or other feature-y sort of photos, and this game that was especially true.

My favorite photo of the day ended up being a shot of Hall of Famer Dave Robinson’s emotional reaction as his name was put up in the ring with the other Packers legends.


Here are some other favorites from the day.



The most disappointing part was that the snow really started coming down after the game. It would have been like shooting in a snow globe. At least I got to do some snow angels on the field.

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