Touring the Tourism of Tourists

A woman in high wedges, short skirt and crop top carefully traipses over rocky terrain outside the Theatre of Dionysus in Athens, Greece. The mild 8 a.m. temperatures keep her hair and makeup impeccably in tact despite the vigorous climb. When she reaches the railing overlooking the theatre and raises her selfie-stick high above her head, it’s clear she’s executed a […]

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Minimalist Roots

My awareness of symmetry has been with me since I was a kid. I would walk sidewalks trying to hit the space between the cracks evenly with each step and count how many steps it took to get to the next block. My favorite spot to shoot a basketball was from the top of the key, […]

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Deep-Fried in the Heart of Texas

At the Texas State Fair it is probably more surprising you can pet a zebra than eat one, deep-fried and covered with bacon on a stick.

The fair is everyone’s chance to live in mythological America. Everything is comically large because things are supposed to be comically large. The skies are almost too blue; the best-in-show sheep too white. Even the rabbits are gluttonous but still adorable.

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Round Rock Color Run

Today I did that which I despise: I took photos of a color run. Ugh. I know. The event is ubiquitous. The photos equally so. There’s nothing in this blog post that hasn’t been done or seen a million times. For those of you who don’t know, the Color Run is a where people pay $45 […]

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Final Day

Today is my last day in Ghana. As we shuttled the last group of students out of the Accra airport last night I tried to think about what I would write here. I wanted to write something smart and profound. Ideally I would be able to sum up just under two months of experiences in […]

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Ghana Week 5

Finishing up my fifth week here and about to embark on my third and final trip with students. It wasn’t until a couple days ago where I felt like I blended in walking around the streets. Being at the front of a dozen loud kids is an easy way to stand out in Ghana, but while in […]

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Mifflin 2014

Despite excellent weather and relaxed police presence, the Mifflin Street Block Party failed to deliver big numbers. As I expected, the party was even smaller than last year. I stopped by for a little over an hour and shot during what should have been the peak hours of attendance. If there was a photo to […]

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